Best vacuums to remove pet hair.

Pet hair on my clothes, on my rug, on my couch, on my counter and dare I say, yes, my tongue! During that season when my dogs shed it’s horrible.  I can’t even pet them and dog hair goes floating into the air, the floor and my clothes.  I walk across the carpet and my socks have hair clinging to them!  I brush Cinnamon but I just can’t seem to get all the hair off of her.  I suppose I should get my ducts cleaned once a year too but I don’t.  That’s why for me, it’s really important to have a good vacuum.

Chasing pet hair piles and how to clean them efficiently!

      I keep falling in love with dogs that shed!

I am a vacuum junky

I love vacuums and I have one for each floor of my house, including my basement.  I also have a separate one for my hardwood floors and my carpets and my stairs!!!

The following are my reviews on vacuums that help remove pet hair.

Strongest suction of any vacuum!This is a dyson.

This is my number one pick for the price.  I own this dyson.

-Even more power for tough tasks

-Self-adjusting cleaner head

-Seals in suction across carpet, wood, vinyl, and tile floors

-Tangle-free Turbine tool, stair tool, combination tool included.

-empty the bin with the push of a button

-It is light weight

-All the rounded edges make it very movable and easy to manage.

-there are all sorts of joints that can be easily pulled apart and cleaned!

This can be a pro or a con….There isn’t a bag… it’s a canister.  I have learned that the filter needs to be cleaned on canisters monthly.

Buy a dyson here:                                            ‘>

This is a Riccar vacuum cleaner and this is my second choice.

I own this vacuum too.  The only reason that this is my second choice is because it’s not as easy to manuever as the dyson and it’s heavier than the dyson.

Riccar canister vacuums are suited to homes with a variety of flooring surfaces. With various nozzle options and floor attachments, Riccar canisters easily move from carpet to hard floors. In my house I have hardwood floors throughout on the main floor with area rugs in each room. It’s so convenient to have a vacuum that easily moves from a rug to a hardwood floor.

-The attachment hose actually pulls out with a push of a button, to be longer so it’s very easy to clean areas that are higher.  It’s  available to tackle every cleaning task.

Again…pro or con…This vacuum has a bag.  I like having both.  The bags that go with the Riccar are HEPA and allergy free. The bags are part of a bigger filtration system that the vacuum is known for itself.

Buy a Riccar here:                                             ‘>

You may ask why I own so many different brands of vacuums.  Each vacuum seems to offer something different.  I am a tall person so it’s important to me to be able to clean the walls and the corners near the ceiling.  I want to have a vacuum that has a hose that reaches high easily.

I remember the vacuums of yesteryear when we would have to dust after we vacuum because the bags would leak so much dust!  We’ve come along way with good suction and good construction!

My next choice is this Hoover. 

I used to own a Hoover for 20 years!  Who doesn’t love a Hoover!

  • -This Hoover is their best-cleaning bagless upright vacuum.
  • -Quick pass brush roll provides 2x faster cleaning
  • – clean surface debris without having to pass over the same area multiple times
  • -WindTunnel 3 technology
  • – creates 3 channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep down embedded dirt.
  • 40 foot cord length – continuously clean from room to room without re-plugging
  • Includes pivoting dusting tool, pet Turbo tool, telescoping extension Wand and crevice tool. Dirt Cup Capacity: 1.42 Liters, Nozzle Width: 15 inches
  • 7-Position Height Adjustment – Settings easily adjust from deep carpet to hard floor surfaces

A Hoover has been around for a very long time!  It used to have all medal parts.  That was when appliances lasted a life time! It was my very first vacuum! Hoover was known as top of the line for years.  It still is an amazing vacuum.  With the advancement of technology Hoover has kept right up including the “new” wind tunnel advancements.

Buy a Hoover here… ‘>

This is a Bissell.

While I’ve never owned a bissel vacuum cleaner, I own a bissell steam carpet cleaner                                     and love it!!  Along with vacuuming pet hair, pet stains are a major issue!  I have two Bissell’s that I use for removing pet stains.  Although, that is not what I am reviewing here, I love the Bissell brand!

  • -Maximize pet hair removal with triple action brush roll + scatter-free technology-Automatic cord rewind with 27’ power cord so you never have to wrap a cord again
  • -Swivel steering for easy cleaning around furniture and obstacles
  • -Edge-to-edge cleaning with powerful edge suction and edge sweep bristles to clean edges and corners
  • -Specialized pet tools include pet hair corner tool and pet turbo eraser tool to lift dirt and hair from stairs, carpet, and upholstery

buy a bissell here:                                             ‘>

I truly love my Cinnamon, but this dog hair thing really bothers me!  I hope the review of these vacuums help you and I hope you leave a comment telling me what your favorite vacuum is for pet hair!

               I love my pup but I don’t love wearing her hair!

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12 thoughts on “Best vacuums to remove pet hair.”

  1. I am right there with you. We have two large dogs and the shedding is ridiculous…it really doesn’t seem to matter the season it’s always there. While I haven’t tried any of the vacuums you mentioned I personally would recommend a Roomba. While it doesn’t replace the need for a standard vacuum completely it definitely is useful for that additional hands off approach. You can schedule it to run every day, what we do, and it will be completely full of dog hair every time. It helps keep the hair under control until you can get time to use your larger job vacuum.

    1. Hi Amber, I used to own a Roomba too! My daughter with 5 dogs owns one and swears by it! I should reinvest to keep the between vacuuming times for me going. Did you know you can hook your Roomba up with Alexa?? That’s even easier now!

  2. You seem to be a vacuum connoisseur! I have an extremely sheddy dog as well. And I personally think that most of the best, cutest dogs in the world are also the ones that shed like you wouldn’t believe until you have one. My golden retriever manages to create whole new dogs out of the fur that comes from her coat. 🙂

    We only allow her in the main area of the house that has a wood floor. This makes it a bit easier to clean up the hair because at least there are some areas that she won’t go to and therefore can remain fur-free. When you’re vacuuming a hardwood floor, the hose with a smaller rolling head attachment has been a lifesaver for me. It can fit into smaller areas like under the bar stools and piano and suck up all the hard to reach hair. I think a hose with a good attachment is a must, regardless of the brand of vacuum that you choose.

    In regard to vacuuming up the carpet, I have run into some snags. It seems like the fur gets embedded into the carpet fibers and my Vacuum isn’t able to pull them away. Have you found that the Dyson gives you enough suction to pull the fur off the carpet? I have resorted to aggressively rubbing my hands along the carpet to pull the fur into clumps and then vacuuming those up, but I would love to skip that step. If only I could find a vacuum that would do it.

    1. My Riccar and my dyson can do it!  I used to do the same thing.  I had purchased a lint roller, only it was big with a long handle.  I would do that first (while changing the tape many, many times) before I vacuumed.  Now I only pick up the hair that is sticking to my socks.  Then I run either vacuum over it and they do the job.  I do have hardwood too and it’s like chasing hair balls all over!  It’s a never ending job!

  3. I like that you have a vacuum for every floor of the house. I only have one vacuum, but then,I only have three cats. I have the same issue with fur, but not quite as bad. This was an interesting article. 

    Are your vacuums listed in order of preference only or by which is most useful? 

    1. Thank you for asking that.  I like both the dyson and riccar the same…they pick up hair with the same quality but the dyson is bagless and the riccar has a bag.  I thought I would like bagless better but after working with it for a while, I like the bag better.  The bag doesn’t get as dusty and it’s easier to clean.  So, overall, I like the Riccar better.  I love my spot bot but I can’t use it on stairs or upholstery.  My hand held I can use on upholstery and stairs. What do you use for your cats?  My other daughter has 2 cats and she uses a dyson.


  4. I know very well what the dog’s hair is. We have the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who can be found everywhere. We live in the apartment, and we mostly fight against hair with a broom and wet mops.

    Although we had several vacuum cleaners, we rarely use them. Probably because the vacuum cleaner is hard to reach all angles. Sometimes in the bedroom, we release the robot which is filled in one passage.

    But all that in relation to the happiness that our pets give us is almost negligible.

  5. Being hirsute, my first pet almost looked an eye-saw, even to me. Although this does not stop me from loving it, anyways. “Berry” was just lovely. For me, among all domestic animals that are so endearing, are dogs. They seem to understand both the language and psychology of humans. We move together everywhere I go.

    Perhaps I wouldn’t have got any need selling it off had I known about any of these vacuums earlier. 

    I so wished I had a second chance, I would have brought “Berry” back.

  6. Hello Tammy,

    First of all, your page is very impressive. It’s great to read your valuable review titled Best Vacuums to remove pet hair. I really feel embarrassed with pet hair. If they do not have proper care, many problems arise. It is very helpful to know about various vacuum cleaners for hair removal through your reviews. Thank you sincerely for the excellent writing.

    Best Regards,

    1. Thank you!  I completely agree….pet hair is very embarrassing.  I’m so embarrassed when I go anywhere, like to a doctor or chiropractor and my socks have hair sticking to them.

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