Do we need to pay hundreds of dollars for an animal or can we adopt a pet for free?

There are so many animals that need love, care, attention and a good home.  There are so many people that would love to have a pet but cannot afford to buy or pay for one.  Is there a compromise? 

Check Newspapers and social media

The first avenue is to check out local newspapers.  There maybe individuals or agencies that are giving pets away or are charging a minimal fee.  A local pet company may advertise a special day event where they are having an adoption day and fees are waived or reduced.  Facebook has a market place were items are significantly reduced or free.  You can also post on there what you may be looking for.  There is a neighborhood social media called Nextdoor.  This has relevant, real information on everything from local events, recommendations, services, items for sale/free and animals that are lost or need a new home. 

Online scam or real?

When I did my research, I found two online companies that seem to be legit and maybe just what you’re looking for, if you are looking for a specific breed. is a one stop puppies classifieds website to sell, buy and adopt dogs. If you have a puppy to give away for adoption you can also list on their site free.

Another online site is K9Stud.  K9Stud doesn’t only feature puppies or dogs for sale from breeders, they have many dogs up for adoption as well! Browse through their website to find many dogs and puppies looking for loving homes, all of which are free! Whatever the reason might be, these puppies are up for adoption and looking for loving owners.

Final thought….

Most places like your local shelter charge a nominal fee because they have had the pets spayed or neutered.  They have also been feeding the dog or cat they are housing.  If you decide to go for a free pet, please, get their vet records to make sure they have had their initial shots and neutering or the pet you thought was “free” won’t be. 

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