Dogs urination vs carpet. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

When we dream of getting our pup, we think of cuddles, long walks, warm petting, happy greetings and a fun tug of war. We are in denial of the dog hair, muddy paws, loud barking and pet piddles.

Pet piddles…indoors…ugh!

If we are lucky, our dog will be already house broken or catch on pretty quickly. Sometimes we even have an older dog in the house still that can train the pup. But sometimes, it still happens, pet piddles. There are several reasons why this could happen. When Cinnamon was a pup, she would get so excited when someone new walked into the house, she would just pee a little. Thankfully she grew out of that. 

Another reason is that a dog can be anxious and has an accident then too. First we need to check to see if our pup has a urinary tract infection or any other health issue. If that doesn’t seem to be the case, then we need to look at the environment. If you just moved to a new house, that’s an obvious one, maybe Fido can’t find or remember where the door is. Maybe the back yard is strange and they are scared to go out there. After much repetition, that one will be solved.

 Maybe someone new has moved into the house and the schedule has been upset. Again, once, everything calms down and a schedule is reset, everything will be fine. If all of this isn’t the problem, then we need to look into behavior.

Behavior conditioning is something we need to be aware of.

Many of you have maybe heard of Pavlov. A behavior happens and then it is reinforced. Sometimes, we don’t realize we are reinforcing a behavior….So, Fido, just urinated on the carpet. You are frustrated or mad and yell at Fido. Fido runs and hides and looks terrified. You have cleaned up the mess, look at how upset Fido is and feel bad. So, now you go pet and love and pick up Fido. Bingo! You have just reinforced the urinating behavior. Fido has just learned to pee, be yelled at and then be loved. They got attention either way, positive or negative.

If you yell or punish your dog, he/she may become afraid of YOU! Then they can either become aggressive towards you or won’t urinate in front of you inside or outside.

The best thing to do is to connect a reinforcement right when the behavior happens. If you see your pup urinating inside, pick him up, take him outside and reward him when he goes potty outside. No yelling or screaming or over reacting.

Retrain your dog.

Every July 4th weekend is a nightmare for Cinnamon. She starts urinating in the house again because she is terrified to go outside because of the firework noise. We calmly remember why this is happening. We take her outside when it’s quiet, reinforce her when she goes to the bathroom outside and bring her back in. We remember to take her outside on a schedule again because it is very likely, she won’t scratch at the door, because she’s scared to go outside.

Schedule, schedule, schedule

The best way to train your dog is to be very consistent and on a schedule. Right when you wake up, take them outside. Reward them when they relieve them self. Put them on a feeding schedule. After they eat, take them outside. When they urinate, reward them. When you need to leave, either crate them or put a belly band on them. When you get home, take your dog outside, they urinate, you reward. And the cycle goes on. This not only works for pups, but it will work for an older dog and a rescue dog. 


Clean the area properly.

I can’t stress this enough. When your dog urinates, an enzyme is left in the carpet. If the area is not cleaned thoroughly, the dog, any dog, can smell the enzyme and then will pee on the same area. Now we’ve created a designated pee spot in the house where we did not want one! I tried everything!!! Bleach, baking soda, ammonia, club soda, tea tree oil, etc. I finally found something that really works. Give this cleaner a try next time you have a pet piddle to clean up. 


Don’t give up!!!

Please don’t give up on your dog!!! 25% of dogs get taken back to the kennel because they urinate in the house. Be patient, try everything and then get professional help for you and your dog.

2 thoughts on “Dogs urination vs carpet. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.”

  1. You’re offering some great advice here! When my dogs start having accidents in the house (usually due to yucky weather outside) I also have to take them out more frequently along with the tips you offered above.

    Also, this isn’t a problem anymore since we recently moved into a house with hard floors but our old house had wall to wall carpeting and it made cleaning up accidents downright inconvenient. I used to have a Spotbot from Bissell, have you tried something like that for cleaning up pet accidents?

    1. Hard wood floors are so much easier to clean up! I do use a spot bot from Bissell! I absolutely love it! I also appreciate all the new dog cleaning shampoos that go with the spot bot! I use the spray that I talked about on the blog on my indoor outdoor rugs that a spot bot doesn’t work on. Thank you for your comment!

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