odorless bully sticks in review

I didn’t even know what a bully stick was until I got Cinnamon. Is it a stick to beat a bully with? Is it a stick that a bully beats with? With my past dogs, bully sticks were not a common chew stick. Raw hide was the favorite treat. Raw hide is out and bully sticks are in.

What is a bully stick and what is it made of?

Well, it’s made of a bull’s penis. Yep….there you go. It’s 100% beef,  does not contain any additives, chemicals, preservatives or coloring. They are also a great source of protein and contain taurine, which is an amino acid that moves important nutrients to and from cells.  These treats are easily digestible, unlike rawhide, which can be hard on your dog’s stomach. Bully sticks break down easily and also do not splinter like many other treats that are on the market so you do not have to worry about broken pieces causing internal injuries. Bully sticks are very good at maintaining good dental health for dogs, and can help prevent tooth decay by stopping the buildup of plaque on the teeth.

Are there any health concerns?

Only for us humans. If you buy a 100% natural ingredient bully stick, it won’t hurt your dog, but during testing, some bully sticks have been found to contain a wide range of bacteria such as Clostridium difficile, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli. Dog’s stomachs are different from human digestive systems. They are better able to tolerate bacteria that can cause serious illness in humans. Just make sure you wash your hands carefully after handling them and we won’t get sick either.

Many sizes to fit all sizes

There are many sizes and kinds of bully sticks to fit your dog. Even if your dog is not a chew monster, it will still keep them  busy!!!

These are just several of the different shapes and kinds that are out there.

Now that you know of the perfect treat for your dog…where do you buy them?


buy bully sticks at chewy. for $36.99

buy www.mybullysticks.com‘>bully sticks here. There are all sorts of bully sticks at All-natural dog treats and chews.

Happy, safe chewing!!!

2 thoughts on “odorless bully sticks in review”

  1. This product seems like a very promising option for me. I have an older dog, about 18, whose teeth aren’t in very good shape anymore. He used to chew rawhide, but I think at this point it just hurts his poor teeth and gums. 🙁

    I think these may be close enough to rawhide that he might not know the difference, but I have a few more questions. How would you rate the toughness of these? Are they easily chewable or super tough like rawhide?

    1. The bully sticks are easier to chew than bones or rawhide but still pretty tough. I think your beloved 18 year old dog would be ok with it though because it does soften up a bit with drool and gnawing. Maybe for your dog, you might want to try puppy teething treats. You can get those at Chewy for $3.56 for a bag. It would still give him something to work on without hurting his teeth and gums. Good luck!

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