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I discussed the concern about fertilizing our yards and owning pets. There is some serious concern about the health and safety of our pets if they ingest fertilizer. So, I took on the task to look at different fertilizers to see if there is one that is safe or, at least, safer, for our pets.

Let’s discuss the chemicals in the fertilizers

There is this formula that the companies put on their bags, along with the ingredients. It is the percentage amount of nitrogen-phosphorus and potassium in each bag. Let’s see what each other does for the lawn and what it does to our pups.


For the lawn: Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plants. It’s responsible for the beautiful green color that you see in plant stems, for growth of the grass and for your lawn’s appearance of fullness or lushness.

Effect dogs: Weakness, Fatigue, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Depression, Dehydration, Constipation, Weight loss (cachexia)

Loss of appetite (anorexia), Bad breath (halitosis), Muscle wasting, Hypothermia, Poor hair coat, and Unnatural lack of color in the skin,


For the lawn: Phosphorus is involved in the metabolic processes responsible for transferring energy from one point to another in the plant. Energy from the stem can be transferred to the tips of the leaves with the help of phosphorus. It’s also critical in root development and flowering.

Effect dogs: Although there are no specific signs, In acute cases, painful muscular spasms and tremors may be seen.


For the Lawn: Potassium makes lawns resistant to weeds and disease.

Effect dogs: Gastrointestinal – Vomiting, transient diarrhea, and bloody feces.

These ingredients sound pretty horrible for our furry babies. I wanted to research to see if there were any fertilizers out there that are safe for our pets.

These Seven fertilizers claim to be Pet friendly:

Purely Organic Products Lawn Food is a new all-natural fertilizer.

The company claims: “Cost-Effective and Excellent Coverage One 25-pound bag covers up to 5,000 square feet of turf.

Will NOT Burn Your Lawn.

No Harsh Ingredients. (We know that not to be true).

Plant-Based Ingredients. Unlike manure- based and bio solid fertilizers,

No Manure = No Unpleasant Odor.

Lawn Food contains no dangerous chemicals or harmful ingredients”. Let’s decide for ourselves.

The ratio is 10-0-2. That means it has 10% nitrogen (very harmful to our pups) 0 % phosphorus and 2% potassium.

Dr. Earth Super Natural Lawn Fertilizer

The company claims: “A superior homogeneous blend of fish meal, fish bone meal, feather meal, potassium sulfate, alfalfa meal, calcium sulfate, seaweed extract, mycorrhizae and beneficial soil microbes. Controls thatch build up by digesting thatch ( Adds life to lawns by providing a broad spectrum of beneficial soil microbes plus three mycorrhizae stains. This ensures nutrients are made available to the grass roots more effectively and at a steady rate.

Greatly enhances the quality of environment for the soil that your lawn grows in

Fast results, plus continuous feeding for up to three months”

The chemical ratio is: 9-3-5. That means it has 9% nitrogen (very harmful to our pups) 3 % phosphorus and 5% potassium (harmful to our pups).

Ringer Lawn Restore II.

The company claims: “Rich microbial content with readily available plant nutrients for quick green-up and double the coverage area per bag. Lawn Restore II covers up to 5,000 sq. ft. It is a controlled release fertilizer made from organic materials and a blend of beneficial soil microorganisms that provide rapid greening and deep root development for strong, sustainable grass. There’s also no risk of toxic chemical runoff, over application or burning your grass.”

Their ratio is: 10-0-6 That means it has 10% nitrogen (very harmful to our pups) 0 % phosphorus and 6% potassium (harmful to our pups).

Safer® Brand Lawn Restore® Fertilizer

The company claims: “Safer® Brand Lawn Restore® Fertilizer is the answer to lawn revitalization and rejuvenation issues. With 25% more coverage per bag, lower cost, and a more effective formula of 9-0-2, Lawn Restore® is the smart choice for your lawn. Each bag contains up to 6,250 sq ft of coverage and provides all of the nutrients your lawn needs to revitalize to a thick turf in just one product. The NPK ratio of nutrients provides your lawn and soil with the nutrients it needs to promote healthy growth, develop a robust root system, repair a thinning lawn, and alleviate stress conditions throughout the year. When used as directed, Lawn Restore® Fertilizer is safe for children and pets immediately after application.”

*This product is a new and improved version of the former Ringer® Lawn Restore® II Fertilizer. It offers 25% more coverage, a more diverse source of nutrients, and an enhanced microbial blend which remains in suspension until application.

Their ratio is: 9-0-2 That means it has 9% nitrogen (very harmful to our pups) 0 % phosphorus and 2% potassium (harmful to our pups).

Scott’s natural lawn food

The company claims: “4,000 SQFT Coverage, 11-2-2, Natural Lawn Food, Builds A Thick Green Lawn, Safe To Walk On Lawn Immediately After Application, Apply Anytime On Any Grass Type, Can Be Used Around Kids and Pets, All Protein Ingredients, No Manure Smell, Guaranteed.

Their ratio is: 11-2-2 That means it has 11% nitrogen (very harmful to our pups) 2 % phosphorus and 2% potassium (harmful to our pups).

Pet Safe Lawn Fertilizer 5M,

The company claims: “Builds a thick green lawn, Safe for humans, domestic animals and all wildlife
Simply apply, water and play!”

Their ratio is: 24-0-6 That means it has 24% nitrogen (very harmful to our pups) 0 % phosphorus and 6% potassium (harmful to our pups).

Revive Granules Organic Soil Treatment

The company claims: “formulated to help homeowners grow a thick, green and beautiful lawn. It allows nutrients and air to penetrate deep into soil and works to improve nutrient percolation. It also prevents and corrects iron deficiencies and enhances your lawn’s color. This soil-wetting agent contains surfactants and extracts that are all natural and organic. They are safe for pets, kids and all members of the family.”


                                      My conclusion:

My conclusion is based off of the ratios given for nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Safer® Brand Lawn Restore® Fertilizer

is the safest for our pets and will still give us the green lawn we desire. You can buy this at:




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