Rescue dog companions for seniors

This topic is close to my heart as I am 55 and love, love, love my furry child. I will never be without a dog in my life. That being said, I’m not the spring chicken I used to be and cannot keep up with the needs of a very active dog.

What are the benefits of having dogs as we, ourselves, age?

Loneliness…empty nest syndrome….companionship….all great reasons to want a lovable, snuggable pet! Dogs have this sixth sense, maybe it’s instinct, but they know when we are lonely or sad. I was in bed one night, sad and crying and all of a sudden my dog burst through the door, jumped on my bed and laid right beside me. Understand, that this was extremely unusual. My dog sleeps on the main floor and my bedroom is on the second floor. Also, I have a gate that keeps my dog downstairs and I close my bedroom door at night. Somehow, she just knew I needed her that night and found a way to me. Dogs’ joy when they see us is like none other. They show complete acceptance no matter our mood or health. They also encourage us to exercise. Every day my Cinnamon gets me outside to go for a long walk with her. I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t have her!

Let’s look at several good choices in dog breeds for senior

Scottish terrier

The Scottish terrier is a small dog breed that is typically a good choice for senior citizens to enjoy in the home. They have a life expectancy of about 12 years and is typically not known for many health concerns. They are one of the best breeds when it comes to grooming and maintenance. This small dog breed reaches around 20 pounds in weight, making this an easy option for the aging adult to be able to pick up when needed. Known for their loyalty and caring nature, the Scottish terrier is a great fit for the senior citizen’s lifestyle.


The Biewer is a small dog breed, one of the smallest actually, and is a lovable breed that typically can live for about 14 years. Known for not shedding very much, the Biewer is known for being playful, affectionate, social, and gentle, which is ideal for any older adult with balance or physical limitation issues. You can find this breed in many colors including black, white, tan, and golden colored, giving you plenty of options to select from. Consider this dog if you are looking for a great lap dog to pet, cherish, and love.


Known for being larger than the typical corgi dog breed, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a mid-sized dog breed that works well for any older adult. Known for their ease in training, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi can reach close to 40 pounds at their maximum size and they can typically live for about 11 years. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a great dog for any active older adult and if you enjoy a dog that is capable of tricks, agility, and for being a guard then consider this dog for your home.

This is quite possibly the most popular small dog breeds around and regardless of your age the pug is a great fit for in the home. Known for their unique face and size, the pug is a great fit for the senior citizen who wants a companion at home to be with. Pugs are definitely a playful breed; however, they do not necessarily require a lot of exercise, making this a great option for any senior citizen of any age. They are not known for needing to be groomed very often and they are typically very low maintenance.


The theme with dogs and older adults is generally the size of the dog. Many older adults flock to the smaller dog breed, due to their playful nature and for being gentle with other adults and dogs. The Pomeranian may reach 10 pounds, but typically they are less than this, making the Pomeranian one of the smallest breeds you could get. They are very playful, yet they do not require excessive exercise like other breeds. You can take this dog around the house and carry them regardless of your fitness levels.

What is your lifestyle?

Remember to consider what your lifestyle is before purchasing a pet. Are you active? Are you sedentary? Do you want a dog that sits on your lap? Choose a pet that will fit into your life perfectly.

Mix-breeds or muts

These are many of your rescue dogs. There isn’t any health records on them and you may not be quite sure where they came from. You can still bet on the fact that you will be able to tell the predominant mix of the dog and rely on the fact that this will be their dominant traits.

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  1. Great advice. I’m a cat owner, but love dogs and miss having mine. It gets you out of the house. But size does matter in this case. My sister is 76 and had trouble with her dog pulling on her arm. It’s small, but strong, and jerks on the chain. Thanks for the helpful and entertaining website.

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