Review of the top carpet cleaners for pets

A carpet cleaner should come standard with a pet!  Whether it be mud tracked in, drool, body odors or urination, a pet owner will have to clean their carpets!  Not all carpet cleaners are created equal and it’s important to use one that extracts all of the water and bodily fluids out of the carpet.  There are two types of carpet cleaners when it comes to pets.  One is the carpet cleaner that is more of a steamer and cleans the whole carpet, the other is a spot cleaner. The spot cleaner works really well with the urination accidents.  Throughout the rest of this post, I will review the cleaners that I own or know of someone who owns one.

My top pick is a bissell.

The BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet 36Z9 is among the most preferred and best carpet cleaners for pet stains.It is light weight, weighing 32 pounds. The cleaner’s innovative clean shot trigger directly formulates the stains targeted for removal.  The pet hair collector basket makes things easy by trapping and disposing the debris and pet hair within the basket.  This is extremely convenient.  The basket detaches and be taken to the garbage can, cleaned out and rinsed clean.  On the other hand, the stain trapper collects pet messes in a container and the dual powered brushes with the help of 12 cleaning rows pulls deep dirt from the carpet. Water temperature is maintained constantly while cleaning because of the heat wave technology.  This machine is easy to fill with water and cleaning solution in one compartment.  The dirty water is then suctioned into another separate compartment.  This machine is easy to take apart and clean.  The cleaning goes from edge to edge of the machine, making it easy to get up close to the baseboard.  One of the most important things to look at is the suction.  The suction has to be powerful in order to get the water, cleaning solution and urine/mess out of the carpet. 

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Second pick

This is a Hoover.  Hoover’s have been around for years and years.  This steam cleaner has a powerful name brand behind it.  If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner that does more than eliminate pet stains and odors, Hoover Power Scrub Elite is the best choice.

A cleaner made for high traffic areas, the Hoover Power Scrub Elite is always ready to take care of pet hair and dander, dirt, grimes and stains. This machine can be used in three ways: deep cleaning, quick cleaning, and rinsing. To effectively eliminate embedded dirt and stains, you simply switch it to the ‘deep clean’ mode. If you’re in a rush, go for the ‘quick clean’ mode with heat force that speeds up the drying time to 45 minutes, letting you set foot on the carpet in no time. If you like to wash the carpets with soap and water, set it to ‘rinse mode’, or if you want to remove soap residue just rinse with water.

Furthermore, the tank of this cleaner is 25% larger so you won’t have to refill it more often. It also comes with a concentrated cleaning formula that sanitizes and deodorizes pet waste and urine while being phosphate-free and septic safe.

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    Next is the Rug doctor

    Rug doctor is one of the top names in carpet steam cleaning!  This one is a hand held one that targets those specific messes.  The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is designed to battle dirt and grime, this cleaning machine is a powerful and portable cleaner at your fingertips for all of those spots your full-size carpet cleaner won’t reach. Built with 2 times the suction capabilities and a powerful motorized brush that moves 1,200 times per minute, this spot cleaner deep cleans each carpet fiber and breaks down stains confidently—leaving no dirt or debris behind.  It is built with a 10 amp motor for twice the suction power than most other portable spot cleaners.  This is huge!!! Suction is the number one key component in carpet cleaning!  The powerful oscillating motorized brush can be used on stairs, carpet, area rugs, upholstery and car interior.  The Removable, clear water tanks let you see when it’s time to refresh the cleaning solution and are easy to wash.  It’s nice to have the upright cleaning machines when cleaning the whole carpet, but I definitely get out my hand held cleaners for those isolated areas!

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    Finally, a Spot bot

       This is a Bissell Spot Bot.  This is a must have!!!! You set it in place, over the stain, turn it on and you can walk away.  It has a beeping noise when it’s done.  It’s sooooo nice because it does the work for you! 

    This machine is equipped with two preset cleaning cycles, this easy-to-use portable carpet cleaner automatically sprays, brushes, and suctions to remove both surface pet stains and tough, set-in stains. Its unique cleaning foot with DeepReach Technology delivers water and cleaning formula deep into carpet fibers and gently scrubs for permanent pet-stain removal. For ultimate versatility, BISSELL SpotBot Pet features an easy-to-use, on-board hose and tool to clean pet messes on upholstery, stairs, auto interiors, and other hard-to-reach areas. To be honest, I never used the on-board hose.  But the rest of the machine works like magic!!!  Bissell is donating $10 to the BISSELL Pet Foundation™ with purchase.  This machine also comes with a 2 year warranty.

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    Along with buying a vacuum that picks up pet hair, a carpet steamer/cleaner is a must!

    With our furry family members, especially rescue, there are going to be messes and accidents.  I don’t want anyone to walk into my house and be able to SMELL that I have dogs.  The trick with the wet messes is to get to them before they dry.  Shampooing and suctioning back up pet urine when it’s wet is so much more effective than getting to it after it’s dried.  When looking for a machine, I first look for great suction and cleaning ability and then I look to see if the machine is easy to clean itself.  I don’t want something with too  many parts or too many screws to take a part.  If that’s the case, I just won’t use it.  I steam clean my whole carpet 3 times a year and now that Cinnie is house broken completely, I only have to use my hand-helds when my daughter’s dogs visit!  Sometimes Cinnie has a poop accident in the house if there has been several days of rain or thunderstorms.  Cinnie HATES water/rain/thunderstorms.  So, I ended up using my hand held for more poop accidents than urine accidents.  I simply clean up as much of the poop itself with a tissue and throw it in the toilet.  Then I set to work cleaning with one of my hand helds.  

    Happy cleaning!!!!

    16 thoughts on “Review of the top carpet cleaners for pets”

    1. Hello, Tammy!

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I completely agree with the too many parts and screws bit, I HATE when I need a full tutorial just to learn how to put together and use my appliance.
      That’s exactly why I like the ones you shared. They all seem simple and practical, apart from obviously high-quality. Bissell is such a good brand and I recommend it to everyone.

      I appreciate you taking the time to put up a list for us. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    2. Thanks you for the post. We have a Bissell Steam Cleaner designed for pets, probably an older version than the one you recommended. It’s a must have if you ask me, you never know what might come off or out of your pet at any given time so it is very handy to have around. Although the steam cleaner I have now has the lift off option to just do spot cleaning I am so intrigued by the Spot Bot you mentioned. How cool to just be able to set it on the stain and walk away knowing that when you come back it’ll be all cleaned up. I am definitely one willing to pay for convenience. Thank you!

      1. Bisssell is a great company!  How long have you had your machine?  As long as we keep them cleaned out and maintained, they can last a long time!

    3. Really good information you have here, every pet owner should be aware of this carpet cleaners.

      The hoover strikes me as the one I’d need if I were to buy a carpet cleaner. Right now I don’t own any pets but it can still come in handy.

      It has some pretty interesting modes and seems like it can do a lot real quick.

      1. The good thing about looking for a good pet cleaner is that they are usually good for any room that gets a lot of traffic…like young kids or teenagers!  

    4. I do appreciate this review on carpet cleaners and it is very detailed.

      For months now I can’t decide which carpet cleaner I should buy but I also can’t put it off for too long either.

      My main concern always is if these cleaners are, eventually, too heavy to be handled by me? I have arthritis in my hands and it is already a struggle for me to handle the vacuum cleaner.

      However, I still could go for one of the little machines, then again, I have two cats and sometimes I like to do the whole carpet. Your review gives me good options on which cleaner is the best for me.

      Thank you for sharing the information.


      1. Thank you for your input!  I completely understand about wanting a light weight machine!  I also go for easy cleaning of the machine itself, as to pick up the machine to clean it, can be cumbersome.  I will do more research on the lightest machine, keeping in mind that suction is the most important thing.

    5. Is the Bissell Spot Bot the only one that has grantee?

      The presentation is good but I believe that you should mention that every pet is different and have different Physical characteristics like hair. It is not the same for a machine to pick up long hair as for short hair. 

      My experience is that the carpet cleaning machine that I have is great to pick up my dogs hair that are long but cant pick up my cats hair that are short. They should take on consideration the amount of brushes and strength of the machine.  

      1. Before using a steam cleaner machine, you have to vacuum the area.  So, if you are steam cleaning your whole carpet, you need to use a good vacuum to pick up the hair.  Both vacuums that I mentioned pick up both kinds of hair.  My daughter brings her five dogs over, plus my dog, makes a lot of dog hair!  Both my vacuums clean up both.  After you’ve vacuumed, then you would steam clean.  If you are steam cleaning one area, like with the spot bot, you would clean up the poop first and throw it away and then use the spot bot to clean the area.  All the machines come with a manufacture guarantee.

    6. Out of the included cleaners in this review, I must say the Spot Bot is very interesting.

      I could easily see how anyone with a new puppy should have one. During paper training, it’s very easy for a puppy to have an accident on carpeted areas and you don’t need to clean the entire carpeted area for one mistake.

      This is the perfect solution for that scenario, and I am actually looking for a new puppy, so this is perfect timing for me to find this. Thank you!

    7. Great article, out of interest if you don’t have pets would these cleaners function better than regular ones for getting our carpets that bit extra clean?

      1. Hi Derek, Thank you for your comment. Absolutely, the suction on these cleaners are better than the average cleaner. This being the case, any sort of lint, dirt, paper bits, clothes strings, etc clean up much better. I’ve had cheap (quality) cleaners in the past and it would leave behind that piece of thread that came off of my shirt or the paper piece that fell on the floor when my son tore out a page from his spiral notebook. If I have to clean, I want to use a machine that will make it easy for me!

    8. We also have a Bissell upright steam cleaner. I think I would really like to try one of the smaller spot cleaners. I think I would be more likely to use it more often, especially for when my little dog has an accident. Thanks for all the information!

      1. The spot bot is ideal for easy, unwanted clean ups! It’s not just for urine either, it can be for juice spills, mud tracked in…You don’t need to have a dog to find a use for it!

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