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Welcome to Rescue dogs!

Cinnamon and I welcome you to our site. We started our life together 4 years ago! Cinnamon is my love and my sweetheart. She is my rescue dog.

I wanted to create this site because so many people are turning to adopting rescue dogs but aren’t equipped with resources to help these bused and neglected dogs fit into their families. It breaks my heart and theirs when they are returned to a kennel because “it didn’t just work out” accommodating these precious, but hurt dogs, into their new homes.

So, Cinnamon and I want to share our rescue story with you, our love, our challenges and ideas on how to help you fit your new dog into your welcoming home. We hope you find answers, laughter, a shoulder to lean on and acceptance as we become fast friends within this site.

All the best,

Tammy and Cinnamon


10 thoughts on “Tammy and Cinnamon”

  1. Hi Tammy, thanks for the rescue dog site. I have three dogs. Although they are not rescue dogs, I think there are a lot of people with dogs that will find your site helpful.
    I love chewy.com. Regarding the “trouble leash walking post” I have found that purchasing a walking harness really helps. Took one of my dogs to PetsMart for the initial training and they teach you several great tips.
    Thanks again for the website.

  2. Having a rescue dog does not make it a bad dog. I have had them before and they were no problem, now I just have a rescue cat. The older they are, they take a little more time to adjust to a new home. I found rescue dogs that are less than one year old to be the best to train into a new home, what are your thoughts. This is not to leave out older dogs as they need a home also.

    1. I agree with you. I never meant to say that rescue animals were bad. They just have a back ground history that we need to be compassionate with and work with. Many times, they have gone through some sort of tragedy that we, as their owners, don’t know about or don’t understand. They can certainly be trained with extra time, love and compassion. Thank you for your comment and I am so glad you continue to rescue animals!

  3. What a lovely website! It’s great to see more help supporting people with the process of getting rescue dogs and how to help them when they are settling into your new home. I love dogs and I want to get a rescue dog for our family so this site is most helpful. Great work!

  4. I am yet to have a dog of any kind but I always admire dogs and I wouldn’t want to get one when I know I may not be able to take care of it at the moment as she/he supposed to be taken care of. But once all is set that is my number one pet to get and this site is just there to help out on the process on how to handle that moment when a new member of the family enters his/her new home.
    The rescue site, The rescue dog way!


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